Why I will not teach driving instructors any more.

During my time as a driving instructor I have taught a further six people to qualify as ADI’s themselves.

Teach is not really a descriptor that I am comfortable with. I do maintain that to qualify as a driving instructor you need to find a caring human being with the necessary personal qualities. Such people do not need to be ‘taught’. You simply guide them through their development.

I never marketed myself as an instructor trainer, it was purely word of mouth recommendation and they all passed so I must have been doing something right.

I do enjoy my job and I am grateful for that. What has changed immensely is the working conditions, the pay, the way we are viewed by officialdom and our day to day treatment by the public and our pupils.

In short this is no longer a profession (my view of professional status will be the point of a subsequent post) that I could, with an open heart, recommend to a friend.

From an ethical point of view therefore I am not prepared to take money off others.

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