It’s good to be back!

I often recount to pupils how fortunate I am in respect of the fact that I thoroughly enjoy my job. I am in my third week back at work and finding it refreshing to be guiding people towards their goal once again.

There is no doubt that the final achievement will be attained as a product of teamwork. To the new and existing pupils of Findley’s Driving School I can only say thank you for all of your hard work this far.

It certainly is good to be back!

Lockdown restrictions end on Monday 12th April.

I for one cannot wait. I feel like a dog that hasn’t been taken for a walk for ages.

I have been busily contacting all of my pre-existing pupils and working through the lists of folk who have made contact during lockdown via either texting, or leaving a message on the Facebook business page.

My thumbs can have a break now!

I hope that all readers are well and that your lockdown experiences have not (or are not if you are still in lockdown) been unbearable.

Nuneaton’s Friday traffic blues are with us as usual

It has long been the case that traffic through Nuneaton has been noticeably heavier on a Friday afternoon for several reasons. People shopping before the weekend throng (when there was one) and factories finishing early on a Friday (before they all closed that is) were the most common reasons for the increase. What causes it these days I have no idea though the recent large and continuing expansion of this and surrounding towns must be contributing to the effect.

It would be nice to know when Nuneaton’s ring road will ever be finished to the original specification (doubtful) or alternate remedies will be proposed. I for one shall not be holding my breath.

If the drivers of Nuneaton could find it within themselves to be more considerate to one another it would make it significantly more pleasant to drive around.

I shall keep my fingers crossed.

Roadworks in Nuneaton are the bane of my day at the moment

This is not going to change anytime soon. The pedestrian crossing on Croft Road is at least being finished off today whereas the works on Manor Court Road have at least another week to go and will be immediately followed by manor roadworks on Heath End Road. Nuneaton traffic will certainly be a jam if these schemes are allowed to overlap.

Do us all a favour please by being patient in the queues and remember that an amber light does not mean accelerate. What? No really, it doesn’t. More on this later if I have the time.

Nuneaton & District Driving Instructors Association meeting tonight

Tonight at half past eight at the Chilvers Coton Conservative Club is the monthly meeting of the Nuneaton and District Driving Instructors Association.

If you are already a member then I look forward to seeing you again and if you are a local ADI or Provisional Driving Instructor who fancies coming along then I look forward to making your acquaintance.

Don’t be shy, come and say hi!

Only you can change your mind!

How careful are you with regards to your own health and safety? Do you genuinely drive as safely as you can or do you allow other factors to distract you?

I know from driving in Nuneaton daily that there are a number od drivers who will benefit from this message.

Please watch the clip linked to below and you may find that you concentrate a little more from now on:

Nuneaton drivers can be the best

The roads of Nuneaton are ours folks. Let’s work together to make them as safe an environment as we possibly can.

Allowing a few extra minutes for your journey reduces stress and allows time for better decision making. This leads to safer streets for cyclists to use and who knows, pedestrians may even be safer at zebra crossings.

Have a nice, and safe, day my friends.