Wear your seatbelt every trip because seatbelts do save lives

In the UK I think we take this blatant piece of common sense a little too much for granted, or at least the majority of us do.

Sadly I am seeing an increase of drivers not wearing a seatbelt. If the driver is an adult with responsibility for children in the car the example is not good.

Over the years the attitude to seatbelts in the UK has improved immeasurably. I do remember when the law was first brought in and there was quite a lot of resistance by drivers to being told what to do. Sounds daft now but I remember it well. Let’s not slip back into this. Think about those around you that drive and if you know anyone who does not or intermittently wears a seatbelt then please remind them nicely that when you visit them next you would prefer a home visit to a hospital visit.

Dramatic but possibly effective.

Other parts of the world are still struggling with the idea of wearing seatbelts. I have read pieces lately about the attitudes of, “The state will not tell me what to do”, and even, “I am a man and I will make my own decisions”. Ridiculous as this sounds to us now these countries are going through the kind of mind changing and realisation period that the UK went through in the 1970’s.

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