It is important to maintain your driving practice between driving test attempts

In my years as an instructor I have never heard anyone say that they would like to take more than one driving test. Who would? For some people though this is the reality.

Whereas I sympathise with anyone who fails a driving test it has to be recognised that this is what happened. On the day you did not perform well enough so the examiner had no choice but to fail you and provide a full explanation as to why.

The most successful strategy for maintaining and improving your driving standards between driving tests has to be to maintain the frequency of your driving lessons. No driving instructor is going to disagree with this statement but many pupils do.

All too frequently lessons are cancelled by a formerly reliable pupil for a myriad of reasons. Would you believe that they are not available at any other time on any other day either? Neither do I!

Your instructors are not just trying to make a living (which they have to by the way, being self-employed right now is no fairy tale existence) they genuinely have your best interests at heart. I know from experience that pupils who do maintain the frequency of their driving lessons between attempts at their practical driving test are more likely to pass at the second attempt.

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