Road Safety in Nuneaton is our personal responsibility

Whatever your status of road user be you driving or riding your chosen mode of transport the safety of road users in Nuneaton is our responsibility.

To me the sentence above is the most easily understandable piece of common sense that you will see written today. To my fellow road users however that sentiment must seem like a foreign language, or at least a million miles away from their own thoughts. I fear for the vulnerable road users and pedestrians trying to cross who seem to be taking their life into their own hands, especially at zebra crossings.

Come on Nuneaton, we are better than this!

Speed bumps

Whereas speed bumps are nobody’s favourite traffic management tool neither should they be considered a toy.

The intention of speed bumps is to reduce the average speed for the road. It is strongly suggested that you maintain the same speed between the bumps as you do when crossing them.

Driving otherwise may not only be uncomfortable for those in the car it may well cause suspension damage over time.

The way of things

I have maintained blogs before this one and to be honest with you it is clear that I have not been putting the effort in. As anyone who knows me can attest it is not as if I lack either an opinion or the confidence to express it.

I need to enjoy blogging again so it is most likely that short experience based posts will begin to appear. There will also be posts constructed in an informative manner to spread a little knowledge and experience around this interweb thingumyjig. As I have opinions on just about everything these will certainly be targeted at instructor related topics as well as pupils related.

I can ramble so shall cease for the moment.

See you on the road.

Do you suffer from parking frustration?

Many drivers will instantly recognise the feeling. They return home and their preferred parking location has another driver beginning to reverse into it.

From experience of being the other driver I can say the behaviour which follows is unnecessary.

The space outside of a home is a public space available to any driver to use. It is not the property of the nearest house.

Certainly behaviours such as flashing headlights or pulling alongside the reversing driver to offer unpublishable advice do nothing for your image.

Please be courteous to other drivers.

Instructors cars require plenty of maintenance

At the moment I am sitting in a waiting room while my tuition vehicle is having the brake discs, break pads, and new tyres fitted to both sides on the front.

Driving instructors will recognise this as just part of the grind whereby as well as potentially losing income from pupils who are not able to take other available times a large bill will have to be settled.

If you have ever queried the lesson price charged by an instructor then these are just some of the hidden costs that you may not have considered to be included with that price.

Happy motoring!

Pedestrians of Nuneaton Please, have a little care for your own safety!

I am always hopeful that things will get better.

Thus is especially true in the realm of pedestrian safety, or to be more accurate, pedestrians taking some responsibility for their own safety.

The number of times per day that I witness pedestrians demonstrate an absolutely blase attitude while crossing a road engrossed on whatever content their phone is pumping through their headphones. Any thought for road safety? Not a jot, leave that to the drivers. After all, it is they that will be prosecuted if an incident occurs.

This may or may not be the case in all instances but what I am certain of is this:

Being hit by a car ALWAYS hurts the pedestrian more than the car driver.

Please allow extra time to complete your journey safely

Good morning Nuneaton!

Today being somewhat on the special side and having niceties planned for later on I would like to live to see my sweetheart smile.

I am totally accustomed to the continuous increase in arrogance and general carelessness displayed while behind a steering wheel. I use a mix of techniques to ensure the health and safety of both myself and others continuously on a day to day basis. I am simply asking that upon this special day for many a little extra time be allowed to complete your journey safely.

I love diggers!

I like to think that we all have a little of the child within us and I certainly do.

I remember as a boy having my face pressed against the car window whenever we passed by any site which had earth moving equipment in action. Nothing has changed much, just a little less eager to press my face to the window.

What is a driving test?

An obvious question you may think but my answer will hopefully offer food for thought.

Pupils instinctively worry to some extent about their driving test once the date is booked. To mitigate this pressure, which they do not need to deal with, I offer the following thought:

One day you and I shall be walking side by side towards the driving test centre. We will have made certain that you know within yourself that you are above the standard required for the complete syllabus, and further to that you will have a complete understanding of the test that you are about to take!

To gain a full driving licence in the UK it is a legal formality that you have to pass a practical driving test. Fair enough; but you have already been tested on every aspect of driving and gained the experience and confidence required to drive consistently above the required standard. It is fair to say then that for a properly trained candidate the test can be viewed as more of a legal formality. I would be lying if I said that this approach takes away the nerves for every pupil.

It certainly helps to offer them a different way of looking at that date on their calendar.

Finally, the A444 Coton Arches Roundabout is finished!

To be fair to the contractors they have done a good job and finished in good time. As a regular road user it does seem that major schemes take for ever.

The traffic lights have been turned on for a few days and the complete system is now available to use. I have heard many opinions, many of which confirm that people do not seem to accept change readily.

I am in the minority that is very pleased with the new traffic scheme having approached it from every conceivable direction. With some minor advice in relation to the more logical scheme of the layout my pupils have shown no problems adapting.

There is more to transport in the community than motor vehicles and I have been very pleased to see the facilities incorporated for pedestrians and cyclists as well.

As usual I would urge caution whilst drivers become accustomed to the changes. There are too many on the roads who seem to think that a sudden burst of acceleration is all that is required when they notice that they are in the wrong lane. While this causes much consternation to other road users it is not the fault of the contractors.

All in all a big thumbs up from me.