Speed bumps

Whereas speed bumps are nobody’s favourite traffic management tool neither should they be considered a toy.

The intention of speed bumps is to reduce the average speed for the road. It is strongly suggested that you maintain the same speed between the bumps as you do when crossing them.

Driving otherwise may not only be uncomfortable for those in the car it may well cause suspension damage over time.

The way of things

I have maintained blogs before this one and to be honest with you it is clear that I have not been putting the effort in. As anyone who knows me can attest it is not as if I lack either an opinion or the confidence to express it.

I need to enjoy blogging again so it is most likely that short experience based posts will begin to appear. There will also be posts constructed in an informative manner to spread a little knowledge and experience around this interweb thingumyjig. As I have opinions on just about everything these will certainly be targeted at instructor related topics as well as pupils related.

I can ramble so shall cease for the moment.

See you on the road.